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The New Geithner Plan Public-Private Investment Program

On Monday, March 23, 2009, the Treasury Department announced their new program to help struggling banks with their toxic mortgage assets.  The first change was in semantics, toxic assets will be, henceforth, called legacy assets.  But all kidding aside, this is serious business.  Our economic recovery will depend on the stabilization of the housing market, […]

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Are You Prepared?

America is facing tough economic times.  The Federal Reserve and the Federal Government are doing things to shorten the downturn and get America growing again.  We have great confidence that it will happen again.  But this letter is directed at what we, as individuals, should be doing right now to help our personal economy. First, […]

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Household Income

Today, seniors are finding it more and more difficult to invest for income. Thankfully, the social security benefits went up 5.8% this year.  But that’s about all that has gone up.  With concern over risk, seniors are starting to look closer to home for a source of income. Reverse mortgages are becoming more popular.  HUD’s […]

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Refinance Time?

For most Americans, their home mortgage is their largest monthly bill.  But with mortgage rates falling, is now the time to refinance your mortgage? Giving a straight yes or no answer is difficult because of the many other factors involved, but is worth looking into.  A change in the mortgage interest rates can make a […]

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